Year in Review



  • Recruited to Inkjar— I lead the web design/development branch, as well as stay at the forefront of web administration. I maintain our webiste, along with our web and mail servers.


  • Hired part-time— Joined the team at Chili's as a host to help save up for uni.
  • Released 5 different code experiments
    • マージ (Māji)— A dirt-simple tool to merge JSON files. An experiment with Newtonsoft.
    • Saluto— A simple way to give a random way to greet people.
    • Vote to Mute (VTM)— An experiment with discordgo that lets you vote to mute people in a Discord server
    • 伏見 (Fushimi)— A simple webhook updated to keep remotes up-to-date on every push to Git
    • 稲荷 (Inari)— A zero-config web server that gives sensible defaults and compression out-of-the-box.
  • Wrote 1 blog post. This was about ephemeralization (a word I still can't spell right the first time) and how we should start to shift gears to writing better code that works on lower-powered software.





  • Wrote 1 blog post. This was about the process I used at the time for creating websites.
  • Started working on an office suite— With Daniel, our plan was to make an office suite for people by people.


  • Joined DevingOnDiscord— I decided to chip in on some projects even though I wasn't a big developer of Discord-related tools, nor did I really want to make a profit on my code, which most of the people both did.
  • Released GitCord