2 min read • 26 August, 2021.

Swift has been deprecated and archived. The main issue I realised off the bat was that I was making the bot too general and needed to target my attention before aiming for this kind of bot. SInce then, the following projects were born (these links may not be live yet, as not all of the smaller bots have released, as of writing):

Swift is a feature rich Discord bot that allows users to have plenty of power and features in their server, with none of the hassle of clunky commands or sleeping developers keeping everything from working smoothly and setting up quickly. Swift is optimized to run smooth and gets monthly updates to bring new features, with reported bugs being resolved as soon as possible, as I don't want to run into them myself.

Swift runs on a Google Cloud instance, but is tested entirely on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. This is to ensure that Swift is not only fast on better hardware, but also more optimized for older hardware, as well as easier to scale in the future.

In April 2020, a little ways after my team and I killed off the Lavender Discord bot that we made, I decided to create something new from scratch. I had one goal in mind: one bot to do it all. Development grinded to a halt after awhile with things like school and the pandemic weighing in a bit more, so I decided to focus on other things so I wouldn't have problems later.

As of April 2021, it's planned to have Swift launched by December 2021, written entirely in Rust to make one of the fastest bots out there.

As of August 2021, Swift was deprecated and archived, in favour of smaller bot projects. The plan is to combine these bots in the future and bring in this power while still being lightweight. An official statement is at the top of this page.