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2 min readApril 17, 2021

« Learn » is a simple project that I developed over the course of about three days, but have been working on for a couple of years planning. I've always wanted to learn new things and pick up new hobbies, but I almost always get hit with a brick-wall of « Where do I start ? »

Learn is meant to be a simple way for people like me, who like to pick up new topics, and people who are probably more normal than me, who want to learn something that interests them, like a new language or an instrument, some of the ways that helped me learn it.

As much as I would love to learn how to do everything and anything, it's not exactly possible (I'd love to try, of course). So, naturally, Learn is not only open-source, but open to new contributions.

Not every lesson will be perfect, and not everything I do will work perfect for someone else. But it's the idea of at least making it a bit easier to work towards a new skill or build a new interest in a sport, that makes it all worth while to me.