ESLint plugin for Gulp

2 min read • 2 February, 2021.

02 February, 2021

Released several versions

8 tagged releases, as of writing, have been made bringing patches, dependency updates, and more to this amazing utility. I plan to start the TypeScript rewrite sometimes this month and release it sometime early March.

03 January, 2021

Started development

I've finally decided to get started on the TypeScript rewrite and other major improvements to this package (apart from updating to newer versions of ESLint and other tweaks). It will definetely be a challenge, but I look forward to bringing a great tool to the table for everyone.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm a rather large fan of and user of JavaScript (although I have been more and more wanting to move completely to TypeScript). To help make sure my spaghetti code isn't complete.. well.. spaghetti, I use a tool called ESLint to ensure silly mistakes like unclosed brackets and malformed indentations don't happen. I also use Gulp to run ESLint and a few other tools for me. In other words, it makes life easy. The most popular ESLint plugin for Gulp (at the time of writing) was from Adametry, but was both abandoned and outdated. So, I've decided, in true open-source fashion, to fork the repository and give it the love it needs.

Some rather big changes that happened to the plugin:

Some rather big plans for the plugin:

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