Google APIs in Vlang

1 min read • 23 June, 2021.

23 June, 2021 to now

Active development

This is a library for all of the Google APIs written in Vlang using only modules in vlib1. It's far from finished, but I do hope to get it done sometime in the near future. Vlang is known for being as fast as C and crazy fast and small. It also means that (in theory) I'm making a C wrapper for the Google APIs, as V works with anything with C interop.

Overall, this is both a way to introduce me into and experiment with Vlang before starting to use it in some production instances with things like Studio9.

1 : vlib is Vlang's standard library of modules. I'm going to try and do it all in vlib (so far, so good), but I can't guarantee it.

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