Ella Filters

26 August, 2021

⚠️ Heads up!

This page is for a project that doesn't exist anymore or never existed in the first place. The best term for something like this is vaporware. In my eyes, however, it's better to keep these pages than to remove them, creating linkrot.

Ella is the codename behind my girthy NoScript rules, along with other rules for extensions I use over time. It is best run with uBlock Origin still installed, as some things will still depend on an external blocker. The NoScript rules are heavily opinionated to my use case. Live chat solutions, amongst other things, don't make sense to be loaded, especially on metered connections, thus they aren't. You can customise this list, as well as any other, to suit your needs.

I accumulated this list over time, but still have well over half of my 1200 accounts in my 1Password vault to go through (and clean up), so this covers an odd and wide span of the Internet, bar some exceptions that are mentioned on the repo.