PrivacySpy Crawler

If you're a web administrator or manage a site's analytics tool, you may have noticed requests from a device: PrivacySpy Crawler - or similar. This is the unofficial (hopefully to be official, in the future) web crawler for PrivacySpy that makes automated issues to GitHub for when a policy has problems.

You can see its source code on GitHub.

I saw this in my analytics tool, what is it?

PrivacySpy is an open-source crowdsourced privacy policy grading site, where we track online privacy. You can learn more about it here, but if you see this crawler on your site it means your privacy policy was added to PrivacySpy by someone.

Is it possible to stop these requests?

Yes and no. As of writing, there is no opt-out method to these crawls; however, you can use a robots.txt file to block our user agent. We highly discourage this however, as it means we can't ensure your privacy policy is up to date and is being scored properly.

I saw the site and my policy is wrong. How do I fix that?

Pretty simple: go to the GitHub repository, find your site in the products list, and submit a pull request with the fixes. We'll do our best to rseolve it as soon as possible.