Privacy Policy

Your privacy is just as important (if not more) than my privacy. For that reason, I make it a commitment to ensure my site isn't privacy-friendly, but private-by-default.

What sites does this policy apply to?

It applies to the following sites:

What data is collected?

I collect the following information via a self-hosted Umami Analytics server:

None of this data can be linked back to you by me.

Why is this data collected and used?

This data allows me to properly fix bugs and issues with the website, as well as better adjust the site in the future for more people to be able to use it properly.

What data is shared, sold, or transferred?

I do not share, sell, or transfer any data collected with any third parties. Data is stored on Uberspace in Deutschland.

Who has access to this data?

Governments or law enforcement may request data from Deutschland, which I have no control over. If, for whatever reason, I’m compelled by law enforcement to give up the data I collect, I will even though I don’t want to.

Who processes this data?

The data is processed by the following parties:

What if there's a data breach?

In the event of a data breach at Vercel or Uberspace, I cannot do anything to notify users as I do not collect identifiable data. I will leave a banner on the website to still spread awareness of such, however.

How long is data stored?

Although Umami goes for an unlimited period of time, I reset the data every year using the German VSITR method (overwritten with three alternating patterns of zeroes and ones, last pass with random data. 7 passes; I'm aware it's overkill).

Where can I find past versions of this policy?

This site's codebase is hosted publicly on GitHub. You can check the list of changes to this policy here.


You can write to hello [at] to get help as swiftly as possible on amending and fixing this document, as well as get answers to questions regarding this policy.