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These are basically just mini-portfolios for things that I don't « prioritize » publicly.


I make music solo and with a small group. We use Bandcamp for both.


I make videos of such a weird variety of stuff: be it games, mini documentaries, and series about learning random stuff I felt like learning. I haven't had a lot of time as of late to put a huge amount of time into it, but I plan to try to release one project a month or so. I usually upload to YouTube and Studio9 (when it launches). You can go here for a meta page on all my cinematography and editing works.


There is a small list of things that I do that aren't « big » enough to make a mini about. So, here's just those social media pages

  • Photography (I use Unsplash)
  • Art (I don't really upload anything)
  • Hardcore elite wild coding (I use the Projects page)
  • Game design and development (I use Itch)