I'm a huge fan of this cool thing called Earth. If I could go everywhere in the world, I probably would. Alas, money and laws prevent me from doing such, but that's where the internet helps plenty cope. With amazing entertainment, delicious foods, and stunning sights from so many different countries, it allows me to at least get a sliver of another « world », so to speak.

Think there's something I 'ought to look at? Let me know.

Country index


Finland is a place I, admittedly, know little to nothing about.



France has had a metric crap tonne of great things over the years (I swear it's not the background talking). Between the stunning architecture and the delicious foods, it's safe to say I will go back, at least to travel, in the future.




Italy is a place I can barely remember (it has been quite a while since I was last in Europe), but can still tell from pictures alone that it's nothing short of breathless. Nothing beats pasta or pizza straight from the heart of its origins.



Can't mention Japan and entertainment without mentioning manga or anime. Arguably, you also can't not mention the gorgeous temples and shrines scattered along the country. Definitely a place I want to go to take pictures and enjoy the serenity.


Sights to See