Studio9: One of my most ambitious projects

2 min read • 31 May, 2021.

Since I was a wee lad, I've always loved watching videos online. My YouTube tastes are my music tastes: too varied to really say. In the past, I've even tried making videos or streaming as well. It was a bit boring though (probably because of the small audience), but I did have some fun doing it. More and more, however, I've realised that these platforms that I experimented on and that I've seen my friends using to build their audiences are pretty terrible. They treat creators poorly, they treat viewers poorly, and they just focus on making as much money as they possibly can. I wanted to change that.

Studio9 (pronounced Studio Neuf) is one of three new platforms I'm working on to treat creators fairer, compensate them better, and give them more tools to do what they love. Studio9 is the overarching name for two things:

There are some key things Studio9 will be doing to be different from other platforms:

To say Studio9 isn't a very ambitious project would be a gross understatement. I hope to see bringing the streaming service to the masses come to the end of the year, but it's hard to gauge such a large scale project.

You can join the community on:

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