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Electronics are following the wrong law

Many electronics manufactures follow Moore's Law, notably TSMC and Samsung. Although this was essential to reaching the tech of now, we need to change gears to allow further innovations.

I don't know why we still have DRM.

DRM, in the simplest way possible, doesn't prevent piracy, nor helps protect the trademark of that product and, ultimately, harms the people who try to use the media that's protected by DRM. I have no clue why we still have it.

Mobile apps are... interesting

Mobile apps are so frequently used, yet they've all become not just boring, but just as bad as desktop apps: poor performance, poor design, and, worst of all, poor data protection.

Vive La Feed Readers

I've used feed readers for the better part of 5 years off and on. It's easily one of the greatest ways to get the latest news, catch up on what other people are blogging about (cough cough), or have better control of what you do and don't see.


Most car manufactuers have poor in-car displays that are slow and clunky. I wanted to change that.

Static Spotify Widgets

No one likes waiting ages for widgets and what not to load on websites. I made some concepts of how I could fix that.