My name’s Matt Ronchetto (I go by ドアマット or doamatto on the Internet) and I’m a high schooler living in San Diego. I enjoy engineering, be it computer or otherwise, photography, and videography.

I currently work part-time at Chili’s and as the solutions architect and web development manager at Inkjar.
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In my spare time, I experiment with different programming languages and libraries, as well as love shooting pictures and video to edit together. I spend a lot of time either listening to music or focusing on studies to land a spot at a nice uni in ideally the Pacific/Mountain region. My favourite artists are mxmtoon, Kings of Leon, and iDKHOW; as for unis, I'm still narrowing things down.
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I’m an avid audiophile and general tech know-it-all. I'm an activist for digital accessibility standards like WCAG, as well as general data privacy and security. I want to take a deep dive into PCB design and further my knowledge of network management, as well as the inner workings of the Linux kernel.
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I'm a peer tutor at my high school, specialising in English and History, with plans to expand into general physics. I also help run the audio and visual works for assemblies and other school events, as well as document it for the school's internal news network.

Outside of technology, I enjoy reading books and watching tele series. Some of my favourites are 1984 by George Orwell and Ted Lasso. I love puzzle and story-rich games; some of my favourites being Necrobarista, Life is Strange (1, Before the Storm, and True Colors), Superliminal, and the Portal series. I am currently learning my third language, Japanese; my first two being French and English.

This website

This website was designed to be simple, yet nice looking. It’s preprocessed by my own static-site generator (coming soon-ish) and hosted on AWS Amplify. It’s distributed globally by Cloudflare, which I may (or may not) regret. I use a custom Docker image for AWS to try and keep things as light as possible, while staying as fast as possible. It also allows me to be able to use my generator in the first place, as it isn't on the NPM, nor is it pre-installed or easily installable on AWS' default container.

I designed this site with screen readers and text-based browsers in mind. As a user of a screen reader, I wanted to make sure that, if I wanted to use my screen without my glasses, I could. I also made sure to use WCAG AA or greater colour contrast, as well as used common practices with images and document formatting to ensure the best experience for those who use alternative interface methods from a mouse or keyboard, like a joystick.


I’ve messed around with software and programming for about the past 7 years or so now. I’ve dabbled in tons of languages but always come back to Golang and JavaScript. I'm currently learning C and Assembly, and I plan to learn Swift. Anything I make that’s public is likely on Sourcehut or GitHub.