Salut, I'm Matt. I'm a high school student in San Diego, CA that enjoys programming, writing, and way too many other things to count. I'm currently working on:

My interests

I love music.. maybe a little too much. Some of my favourite albums as of late are:

I want to spend a lot of my time after uni and on work breaks to travel the world a lot. I also started to keep track of the ideas I come up with.

I'm an avid motoring enthusiast and, since I can't do it for real, love to play sim racers like Assetto Corsa and Project Cars, amongst other titles. I've been pretty big into Formula racing for a long time (McLaren all the way 😄)


I've been messing around with software and programming for the past 6 years or so now. I program in whatever really suits my fancy at the time, but I'm using a lot of Rust, Dart, and V/Golang, as of late. Anything I make that's public is likely on GitHub.