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Hello and bienvenue! My name is Matt Ronchetto. I'm a high school student in sunny San Diego, CA, that expresses myself through too many medians to count. I'm best known for my software and design work, thought.
Over time, I've picked up hobbies and niches that I enjoy and constantly do (which may explain my lack of freetime during the week haha).

My interests


I love music.. almost too much. I've dived head first into being an avid audiophile, and don't plan on looking back. I enjoy making the occasional song or beat still. Most anything I publish is only on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Here are some of my favourite albums as of late:

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I also have some of my favourites here.


I've never been huge into anything sports-wise. However, I have taken a liking as of late to Formula racing, as well as football (commonly called « soccer » in the states). McLaren all the way :)


I've been messing around with software and programming for the past 5 years or so now. I program mostly in TypeScript and Rust, but I've been trying to get into Golang and Elm as well. Anything I make that's public is on GitHub.

Art and graphic design

I'm not the greatest, but I take a good amount of pride in my design "tastes" and have slowly worked towards.