Bonjour! I'm Matt Ronchetto.

I'm a high school student living in San Diego, CA. I like to mess around with software development and graphic design as well.

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Electronics are following the wrong law

Many electronics manufactures follow Moore's Law, notably TSMC and Samsung. Although this was essential to reaching the tech of now, we need to change gears to allow further innovations. 11 August, 2021

I don't know why we still have DRM.

DRM, in the simplest way possible, doesn't prevent piracy, nor helps protect the trademark of that product and, ultimately, harms the people who try to use the media that's protected by DRM. I have no clue why we still have it. 9 July, 2021

Windows 11: So good, yet so bad.

Microsoft announced the latest version of Windows yesterday as a free upgrade. It's got so much going for it, yet it's also so bad. 25 June, 2021

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Ella Filters

An opinionated NoScript configuration, plus some userstyles and scripts.


A simple way to give a random way to greet people.


A deprecated Discord bot that was to be lightweight, feature-filled, and fast.


An experiment with discordgo that lets you vote to mute people in a Discord server

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